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Brainfeed School Excellence Award

New Horizon Gurukul was the proud recipient of the Brainfeed School Excellence Awards 2017. It was adjudged as one of the “Green Building Initiative School & School implementing PBL methods” among top Karnataka schools. Brainfeed magazine is one of the pioneers in the field targeting the entire education sector from primary to high school education.…

Story telling competition

As part of CCA, a “2 minute Story telling” competition was conducted for Classes 3 and 4 on “Values”.

Gurukulites participated enthusiastically and orated good stories helping their peers in enriching different values like Friendliness, Respect and courteousness, obedience, Kindness etc.

The participants were judged on the following parameters: fluency, confidence, presentation and expression.

Art mania

This competition was conducted in the premises of Gurukul as a CCA activity for students of class 3 and 4 with a motive to bring out artist’s in them. The theme for ‘Art Mania’ was “Festivals”. All students actively participated in this activity. Each of them showcased their drawing skills through it using vibrant colours and their imagination. The participants were judged on…