Travelling is a form of enlightenment; it isn’t just merely visiting new places for the sake of joy and leisure but a great source of knowledge and real-world skills.

The train departed the station at 6:00 AM. After a five hours journey in the train, we arrived at Chennai and immediately boarded the buses to Mahabalipuram. After a long journey, the Blue Bay Resort greeted each one of us with a casual lunch after which next three hours was all about hanging out at the beach, engaging in a glamorous bonfire with roasted marshmallows, dances etc.

The second day began by leaving to DakshinChitra followed by a hilarious Tamil puppet show. Students participated in activities like totem and pot making, basket weaving etc. then followed the visit to The Madras Crocodile Bank Trust where there was a sight of live extraction of venom from snakes, different types of reptiles. The students headed back to the resort and spent time in leisure activities at the beach.

The third day began with a touch of spirituality by doing yoga and meditation early in the morning. Bidding a heart touching goodbye to Mahabalipuram, the trip led the students to the Shore Temple, the PanchRathas and the Sea Shell Museum which was immensely beautiful. After reaching Pondicherry, the students headed for a tour around Pondicherry where there were beautiful buildings made by the French; The French Consulate, Gandhi Statue, Francois Dupleix, Sir Aurobindo Ashram, the Promenade beach etc. The students retreated back to the hotel and retired to bed after munching on to the hotel’s delicacies.

The fourth day began in Auroville which is a part of town created by “The Mother” and Sir AurobindoGhosh.The visit to Mattrimandir sent chills to everyone’s spines with its golden globe. The visit to the Centre for Scientific Research at Auroville helped students learn about a special form of building material which is natural. Lunch was served in the Solar Kitchen after which the Sound Garden was awaiting the arrival of the students where they took part in an instrument making activity. After this amazing day, they left to the hotel and went to bed very soon. The last day of the trip began with everyone waking up at 5 AM in the morning and going to the Promenade Beach where most of them got their feet washed by the waves of the ocean. Bidding a depressing goodbye to Pondicherry, they packed their belongings and took a bus back to Chennai with some pizza. The six hours long journey in the train lead the team back to Bangalore. This was a massively life changing experience in many aspects and the memories made will be relished by each one of us until the very end.

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