The name “New Horizon Gurukul” is synonymous with nurturing of character and development of a holistic personality. The atmosphere at New Horizon Gurukul fosters academic excellence, spiritual well-being, creative skills, social responsibility and commitment to deliver the best. It inculcates in the child the values of kindness and fairness in all his/her dealings and accepts nothing but striving towards perfection.

A Shishya from Gurukul will have the wisdom of one’s mentors to be able to contribute positively first to oneself and second to the society at large. The school strives to broaden the horizons of knowledge and infuse a zest for excellence. Emphasis is laid on the development of critical, analytical, problem solving and decision-making abilities to enable the student to be a powerful force for the country’s socio-economic progress and change. Our excellent academic results bear testimony to the same.

The 7 pillars of NHG

  • Modern education enriched by strong values which are embedded in our rich cultural heritage.
  • Creativity in learning
  • The principle of a ‘Healthy body, Healthy Mind’ is the basis of personality development.
  • Imparting life skills such as Managing of emotions, positive behavior, building relationships and self awareness to effectively adapt to new challenges.
  • Coaching in Special skills such as Origami, craft, music, dance, yoga, meditation etc.
  • A highly motivated and well trained faculty.
  • Avant garde infrastructure to facilitate and support both classroom learning and outdoor activities.

Value Oriented Education

The school imbibes in each of its students the values taught in the Bhagvad Gita. The wholesome education provided here enables them to adjust and adapt to the emerging society of multicultural thoughts and beliefs. The school encourages creativity and originality in thought and action by providing the child with an invigorating environment to learn.

Creativity in Learning

Special Skills

NHG attaches great importance to developing special skills such as origami, craft, music and dance. These enhance the creativity in the Shishya and also help in reducing the stress they go through on any given day. The Shishya’s self confidence is boosted which in turn serves as a stepping stone to becoming an achiever.

Excellent Faculty