The Silicon Valley of India has been the birthplace of new ideas and its residents are always eager to explore new things. Cooking studios are one such concept that has received an overwhelming response by Bengalureans.

The children of Grade 5   were taken to Slurp Studio on the 16th of Nov 2019.

Slurp Studio in Indiranagar has a very earthy yet elegant ambience with bright lighting. The founders Sarabjeet Singh and Faseeullah S, former hotel management students, conduct all the sessions; helping out people and sharing easy tips and techniques.

Apart from a session on enhancing culinary skills, children also had one hour session on photography. They had hands on experience to capture best pictures using their electronic gadgets.

Children were encouraged to work in teams at different work stations to make pizza, pasta, red and white sauces for pasta and muffins after which they enjoyed eating the food that they had cooked.

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