Gyan a term for “knowledge” in Indian philosophy, centers on a cognitive event which is recognized when experienced. Celebrating this zest for knowledge, New Horizon Gurukul, organized a two day Gyan Mela 2016-2017, on 3 February, 2017 and 4 February, 2017 in the school.The event saw the young enthusiastic students participating across scholastic and co-scholastic subjects, by showcasing the innovative ideas through working models, creative charts and thoughtful performances.

The centre of attraction of this GYANMELA was a ‘Dark Room’ depicting the universe in such a magical manner. It was indeed a splendid and mesmerizing experience to one and all. The dark room had everything one could see in their journey to space from galaxies to planets, constellations to zodiacs. The UV light effect added to charisma of the dark room together with the sound effect which gave each and every visitor the once in a life time opportunity of wandering into the space. This effort was well appreciated by one and all.

The exhibition was one of its kinds, as it was an eye opener on various topics. The students were applauded for putting forth a well co-ordinated and praiseworthy event by one and all who experienced the grand display of unfathomable knowledge. The famous words of Dr. A P J Kalam that , ‘Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great”, was indeed achieved through the success and reach of the Gyan Mela.