Knowledge fair is an alternative to traditional presentations when more interactive experiences are desirable.

Gyan Mela was held on 17th and 18th November 2018 in our New Horizon Gurukul school. It provided opportunities to explore and exhibit the creativity of our students.The sharing comes from the heart and the energy flow is very uplifting.

A large amount of information was available and visitors could focus specifically on what they are interested in learning. They interacted directly with the presenters for getting immediate answers to their specific questions and established contacts for further exploration of topics as well. It was highly thought provoking experience.

The challenge in facilitation of knowledge fair is to capture the learning in a form which can be used later. It has focussed on all the discipline by recognising their individual importance in the life of an individual.

It was fulfilling as it incorporated music, dance, quiz, fashion show, scientific models and literature as a whole. Short presentations with room for interaction, workshops with more formal presentations, experimental learning , video-corners used to present innovative ideas. It was a highly successful event which has left long lasting impression on everyone. It is a grand success which is the result of our teachers’ dedication and our students’ hardwork.

Videos of Gyan Mela 2018-19

Photos of Gyan Mela 2018-19