A day with a shining Alumnus of Gurukul

On 19th of June 2019, the students of grades 9 and 10 assembled in the auditorium to welcome an alumnus of Gurukul, having a plethora of achievements under his name. Akshat Bhatia gracefully accepted our invitation to come to New Horizon Gurukul, his alma mater, to help his juniors understand and to simplify the complexities of choosing amongst the options for higher education, how to go about achieving it, as well as a variety of other topics. He asserted to surround them with a positive environment, keeping away from all sorts of negativity that will allow them to move up further on the ladder of success. Also cautioning the students to never stop exercising and playing sports to keep their body physically and mentally healthy. He concluded with how to find out which University would better suit oneself and how to self- fund their higher education, giving examples of scholarships and other option.

He spoke to the school’s Model United Nations (MUN) team and instructed them on the procedures, terms and various rules of MUN. He accepted all kinds of questions that the studentshad and enlightened them all with his vast experience and knowledge.As we broke for lunch, he still entertained any queries that some of them had, after which he conversed with all the Gurukulites of 9th and 10th grade about his own personal experiences and accomplishments as well as his downfalls and regrets, which helped the Gurukuliteslearn from mistakes, although not their own. Saying that we must of course focus on our academics, he also believes that one must have time to explore their character and find anintense drive for an activity that they enjoy doing wholeheartedly, rather than staying in their own comfort zones and eventually stagnating. He also shared about his journey to the NTU MUN held in Singapore, further getting invites to other MUNs held in Paris and so on. He gave an example of someone he personally knows, DylanKowende, who got into UCL not only due to his hard work in academics but also due to his mentors and the extra work he put in.

The talk came to a close with the Q and A session, where the Students asked questions concerning MUN, colleges, which degree course to opt and so on. The whole experience has left a wonderful joy-filled memory in the hearts of both,Gurukulitesand our Alumnus Akshat Bhatia.

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