At New Horizon Gurukul, we celebrate the diverse culture of our motherland by observing all festivals of regional or national significance, with great pride and jubilation.


On Friday, the 15th of November, on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the great poet and saint Shri Kanaka Dasa , Karnataka Rajyotsava was celebrated in the Gurukul campus with great fervour. As one stepped in through the entrance, the sight of the school, festooned with confetti of red and yellow, was one to behold.


The morning assembly started with the Principal of the school, MsNitiMahendra and the school Coordinators lighting the lamp and offering prayers before Goddess Kannada Bhuvaneshwari .


Through an informative speech highlighting the importance of the day, Tanush and Vamsikrishna  informed the school about how Karnataka Rajyotsava marks the day, when in 1956, all the Kannada language-speaking regions of South India were merged to form the state of Mysore.Thenewly unified state retained the name “Mysore” uptill 1973, after which it was renamed to ‘Karnataka’.


This glorious morning was adorned by a spellbinding classical dance performance by Chandana of grade IV A. The grace and poise of the performer charmed one and all; as the audience broke into vehement applause several times during the course of her presentation. The dance performance was followed by the rendition of a beautiful Kannada song, glorifying the magnificent heritage of Karnataka and a spectacular group dance performance by students of grade 8F.


On this joyous morning, the school Principal addressed the school and implored all to be grateful towards the land of Karnataka, that gives us water as sweet as that of Kaveri and rice that is the best in the world, for its beauty and bounty that could not be explored even in a life-time. She appealed to all to learn Kannada, as it is one’s moral responsibility to learn the language of the land that nurtures him.One must bear respect for all languages and cultures and embrace them wilfully, so as to emerge as a truly evolved human being.


The observance of this day surely filled the hearts of all Gurukulites with immense gratitude and left them with much to reflect on. It was a proud day!

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