The New Horizon Model United Nations was held on the 25th, 26th and 27th of July, 2019

Our school had sent largest number of delegates, with 26 of the delegates representing the school as well as individual delegates, totaling up to 3 delegations.

Quite a few of the delegates from our school returned with accolades, including the awards for honourable delegate, best position paper as well as special and verbal mentions.

The award for the best position paper was given to a first timer K Hari Shankar of 9B.Bhupesh Shenvi Nadkarni 10A and Shreyas M Sreenivas 10C won an honourable delegate award

Two students (Ishmita Menon, Prisha Bajaj)placed in the category for special mentions. Six students(Shria Sundarajan,Manas,Saaswath,Mansi,Ramaa,Jhanvi) acquired a verbal mention.

All the delegates had an amazing experience and have gained knowledge regarding a variety of subjects.
I’m sure many of them look forward to participating in more MUN’s as it was a truly amazing experience for all.

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