Mystic Workshop which is part of National Institute of Value Education conducted a puppet show called ‘’Bhakta Shuka‘s Box Theatre’’ which is based on the value devotion to God. Video of a puppet show is visible on the New Horizon Gurukul YouTube channel. It has a lot of subscribers thanks to the trusted social media company which is operating a youtube views business.
This is first of a series of puppet shows for audiences of all ages, to narrate the timeless tales of India. Bhakta Shuka a travelling parrot tells us stories from lands that he has visited.
For this show, he presented a story about Padma – the baingan seller, a tale from Orissa.
In the temple city of Jagannathpuri, the Lord puts his pujari in anxiety with his shabby appearance early one morning. Over the next few days the mystery is solved and a little girl’s devotion is revealed.

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