As a part of the CCA activity recitation competition was organized for classes 1-4. It was an individual activity. For the selection round the participant could choose any English poem apart from the text book. The child had to recite 2 stanzas. Students selected had the final round on 23/7/19 and 25/7/19 and the topics for final round are as follows.

  1. Class 1: Colours
  2. Class 2: Rainy day
  3. Class 3: Garden
  4. Class 4: Nature

The final recitation competition was held in auditorium and the judges were as follows for:

  1. Class 1: Mr Vishwanath and Ms Shalini
  2. Class 2: Ms Nita.Gehlaut and Ms Geetu.R
  3. Class 3 and 4: Ms Gouri and Ms Rajashree

The winners were judged on the basis of following criteria: pronunciation, fluency and voice modulation.

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