New Horizon Gurukul has been providing Counseling and Special education support from its very inception. It is aimed at guiding students overcome barriers that are both academic and emotional in nature.


The primary goal of child and adolescent counseling in the school is to reduce any impediment to the child’s academic performance. Our counselors are well trained, qualified professionals who are Post Graduates in clinical psychology cum counseling and hold specialization in child and adolescent counseling. Whether it is reducing anxiety, working on study skills, developing healthy friendships, problems at home, setting goals or addressing bullying, counseling provides for a safe and confidential environment where the child shares his or her most personal feelings without any fear.

Changes in the student may be noticed after a few sessions depending on the severity of the issue. Confidentiality, the key to the counseling process is maintained in its absolute form; as such parents will be involved based on the Counselor’s discretion.

Special Education

Special education, an integral part of any educational institution enlarges the capacity of the system to serve the educational needs of all children. The primary function of special education is to identify children with learning difficulties and to aid in effective handling with such predicaments. Our counselors are well trained, qualified professionals who are Post Graduates in Management of children with learning disabilities .Both regular and special school programs play a pivotal role in meeting the educational needs of children with differences.

Special educators are a team of professionals who support children with special needs and provide remedial assistance to the children with learning difficulties. Most of these problems take the form of minor discrepancies between observed and expected development. These discrepancies usually appear as short term attention span, lack of basic concept mastery, incomplete language development or behavioural problems like hyperactivity. Early identification of learning difficulties and behavioural issues when followed up by their timely intervention will help children to develop academically and foster their emotional well being.