Teacher’s Conclave

NIVE Values Plus organized a Teacher’s Conclave for the year 2018-19 on Friday, May 25, 2018. New Horizon Gurukul’s Principal, Smt. SheelaBalamurali along with the staff of around 130 teachers visited ISKCON temple to have the divine darshan of the Deities of the temple – Sri PrahladaNarasimha, Sri SrinivasaGovinda, Sri NitaiGauranga, Sri RadhaKrishnachandra, and Sri Krishna Balaram.

After receiving the blessings of Their Lordships and honoring charanamrita, the NHG team were addressed by SrimanVasudevKeshavDasa, Vice President of ISKCON and Dean of NIVE, throwing light on methods of developing effective leadership.

NIVE was very pleased to arrange sumptuous lunch prasadam for all NHG teachers at the Higher Taste Restaurant. Post lunch the Smt. SheelaBalamurali and her team had a lively workshop by Mr. MakarandRege, Head of Learning and Development, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, highlighting the effective methods of connecting to children and proficient teaching skills in the modern education system.

Communication skills

CONDUCTED ON: 24th MAY, 2018

RESOURCE PERSON: Ms. Sandhya Shivaprasad (Academy of Creative Teaching)

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in today’s world. Communication is a dynamic process and how a teacher communicates can affect positively and negatively one’s class environment. The workshop focused on how a teacher as an individual must mould his/her personality to meet the needs of different types of learners and address the anxiety of the parents. It stressed upon the need to understand the feelings of the individual the teacher is addressing.

The session included brainstorming, group discussions, reflecting and sharing, guided visualization, activities and worksheets. The activities brought forth the neglected aspects of effective communication.

The Workshop module was systematically structured. Teachers were of the opinion that the session was engaging and enriching. The trainer did not let the attention of audience waver even for a minute. It did not follow the conventional monotonous mode of content delivery. Brainstorming in groups was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. It led to the discovery of novel techniques addressing commonly faced situations in schools. The assessment of learning techniques was the take-away package from the workshop.

Communication skills Workshop

Held on: 24th May 2018

Facilitator: Ms. Sudha Manjrekar

We believe that we know how to communicate effectively. Though how really effective and clear is our communication was uncovered, by the workshop we attended today.

The workshop on Communication skills was a good mix of activities and brainstorming, keeping everyone on their toes. Right from the round of introduction to understanding the heavier concepts were covered in the form of games, which made it interesting and thought – provoking.

The games were simple and common ones, yet the communication made by the facilitator post the activity, triggered strong introspection.

Ms. Sudha also gave live examples time to time, of what she had noticed in the school during her observation. Thus, relating to the activities performed and understanding them on realistic grounds was easy.



RESOURCE PERSON: Ms. Misbah Shahid, Ms. Aksa Punnoose
(The Teacher Foundation)

The workshop focused on the role of a teacher as an individual and the manner in which a change in their attitude, behavior and skills shall reflect the way they teach in a classroom. It stressed upon the need to build a healthy rapport with the children and improve their self -esteem.

The session included brainstorming, group discussions, reflecting and sharing, ‘Quality Circle time’, guided visualization and worksheets. There were activities to break the monotony and revive the participants.

Teachers found the workshop interesting and useful. They were happy to get a forum for discussing common issues and sharing ideas.