A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches one patience, being careful and watchful; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.

Man sharing a vital link with all flora and fauna on earth is an undeniable truth. In today’s world where apparently man has lost that connect with nature around him, bringing him closer to nature’s beauty is extremely important. With an objective of making students develop a loving bond with plant life, terrace gardening initiative was undertaken on 31st July 2019 at NHG.

25 Green ambassadors of grade 8 to grade 10 actively participated in setting up the terrace garden with grow bags, pots, various plant saplings, vermicompost , seeds infused with love and enthusiasm to pave a way for new, tender plants to bloom . As many as 15 varieties of plant saplings /herbs such as cauliflower, beans, chillies, bramhi, ajwain ,methi, and many more seeds were planted by the green ambassadors. The entire activity which involved hands in soil, head in sun made heart to experience the joy of being with nature ,opening the way for young minds to embrace flora around us with more love.

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