Mr. Krishna Kumar, a former Managing Director of ETAS, Bosch and a current pro-environment entrepreneur guided and inspired the Green Ambassadors of classes 3 to 9 and shared the valuable knowledge of compost creation at home environments.

There were around 80 students and many teachers who took part in this workshop on composting on 8th July 2019. All Students actively participated and pledged to make use of this knowledge and methodology in their lives.

Two volunteers were invited on stage and they represented the Green Ambassadors of the school and participated upfront tin the compost creation procedures. Mr. Krishna Kumar taught two main types of household composting namely Aerobic and Anaerobic/Bokashi

Composting with lots of interactive questions and a wonderful sense of humour that engaged and educated the audience with joy and interest.

The workshop ended with a great applause and made all green ambassadors to plunge into action with awareness to help environment in the best possible way.

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