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Do the top 10 schools in Bangalore offer you the Gurukul system of education? Well, none other than the New Horizon Gurukul offers this system of education with a CBSE syllabus. Not only is that a first, but NHG also has much more to offer your child.

If you want par excellence CBSE schooling for your child, the NHG which is ranked among the top 10 schools in Bangalore offers learning through experiential means. The stress and focus here are on building the best and healthiest values from the Bhagavad Gita and learning-to-do better in building a sound mind in a healthy body.

Activities like music, arts and crafts, yoga, sports, and many more encourage your child to build sportsmanship, competitive values and team spirit. If you want your child to enjoy the process of education, allow them to use their imagination, creativity, and talent in becoming contributory-responsible members of society. NHG one of the top 10 schools in Bangalore envisions just that!

Compared to the other top 10 schools in Bangalore the NHG has campuses which boast of international infrastructure facilities, an excellent well-trained staff pool of mentors and a great learning environment.

NHG is proud of its being ranked amid the top 10 schools in Bangalore and encourages personality development, problem-tackling, analytical skills, critical analysis, and the development of decision-making and mathematical abilities.

Parents always wish to provide the best and most inclusive education in the top 10 schools in Bangalore for their young children. It is perhaps one of the most important building decisions that shape your child’s future. Enroll with the NHG and ensure your child or you do not compromise now or in the future.

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New Horizon Gurukul (NHG), as the name suggests, blends the heritage of the ancient Gurukul tradition and modern methods to learning in a unique system that has been made popular by the school. Learning takes place in an eco friendly environment reminiscing the Gurukula of a time gone by. This unique Gurukul concept is skillfully facilitated by the guru (teacher) to empower the Shishya’s (student) experiential learning. The objective of this technique is to develop the holistic personality of the student, making him/her a better, happier and healthier individual. Read more

New Horizon Gurukul is a co-educational institution and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education.


To provide a strong value-oriented education based on the principles and philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita


To enable youth achieve self-actualization, spirituality and holistic living through an integrated educational programme


Sarveshaam poornam bhavathu.
(May everyone become complete in all respects)

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