Applying For Class: Year:
    1. Name of the pupil:
    ( Full name in block letters)
    2. Date of Birth / Age as on 1st June 2017:    Age: 
    3. Languages which the child can speak:
    4. Mother Tongue / Sex: MF
    5. Nationality / Religion / Caste / SC / ST:
    6. Last School Attended (Name & Address):
    7. Class last attended in the previous school :
    8. Reason for Leaving :
    9. Language studied:
    10. Subjects studied:
    11. Language opting for:
    12. Residential Address:
    13. Phone No:
    14. Name and Std. of sisters & brothers studying in our school.(Not cousins):
    15. Are you a former student of New Horizon? If yes name of the institute:
    16. Are you a New Horizon Saff member?:
        Father / Guardian              Mother
    17. Name:
    Office Name Address :
    Transferable / Non Transferable:
    Annual Income:
    Educational Qualification:
    Service Particulars (Central / State / Public Section / Pvt Section / Self Employed):
    18. Do you need Day Care facility for your child? YesNo
    In effort to understand your child better, please mention in detail regarding
    *Your child as a student
    *Any learning disabilities
    *Reasons for your interest to admit your child in our school
    1. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance.
    2. Registration DOES NOT ENSURE admission.
    3. Admission granted on MERIT only.
    I declare that the above mentioned details are correct and request that the applicant be admitted in class. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
    Date                   Parent's / Guardian's Signature

    1. 1 Passport size photograph
    2. Copy of birth certificate
    3. Copy of transfer certificate / school leaving certificate
    4. Copy of caste certificate if applicable
    5. Other relevant documents.