5 Factors that Affect the Learning Process


Have you ever wondered why each child is different? We often hear that each child is different, and we must not compare them based on behavior, grades, mannerisms, etc. But why so? How do 40+ students studying in the same class, being taught by the same teacher come out with different results?

The answer lies in interpretation, analyses, and perception which is different for each student. There are other major factors that affect the learning process and theories of learning.

If you are a concerned teacher or parent asking questions like why are students so bored in class, why are students scared of teachers, why are students so stressed or why are students struggling with online class then maybe you would like to read further.

There are a multitude of factors to why students react differently to different situations. Here are some which may cause a hindrance to a student’s learning:

  • Environment at home: the difference between a trained teacher and untrained teacher is that trained teachers will be able to notice what is not happening in front of them as well. Training teachers in mental health has become a prerogative for many schools because what happens in the house is also carried forward in school and eventually life. Even as grown adults we fail to manage keeping what is in the house away from our mind at work, how can a child be expected to do so? Lack of a parental figure, irresponsible behavior from the primary caregivers, lack of affection, dysfunctional families, authoritarian parenting, abuse, etc. can all become a reason why a student is not concentrating in class. Teachers should be trained to notice such patterns and work accordingly to give advice to the parents and take the case to higher-ups.
  • Environment at school: a lot of schools only look at passing grades and completing syllabus as an academic goal. This creates a negative impact on how students behave. They either become robots trying to reach a target or rebellious individuals who do not want to partake in academic activities. Schools that lack nurture and genuine affection for their students are also more likely to foster bullies or insensitive individuals with behavioral problems that are incredibly hard to fix later. The best CBSE schools in Bangalore do not just focus on imparting knowledge. The top CBSE schools in Bangalore want to cater to the world by churning out responsible adults who are problem-solvers, sensitive, logical, and analytical thinkers. To create an environment that fosters such learning the top 10 schools in Bangalore ensure that there are adequate teachers training available, using which teachers can build a safe, inclusive, and calm space.
  • Intellectual factor: There are multiple intellectual factors that can act as a hindrance for a child to not be able to study properly or pay attention in class. Learning disabilities are common, and a lot of students have them. They just need to be treated properly and sometimes excused. Not every child comes with the same set of skills and privileges. However, every child does have a purpose and space in the world. It lies entirely in the hands of the primary caregivers and teachers that a child comes across which will decide who he/she is going to be as a human being in their future. If a teacher or parent recognizes such disabilities, they must get the child required medical help and take decisions based on advice from professionals.
  • Behavioral Issues: just like intellectual factors behavioral factors cannot be dismissed either. There is no specific reason why a child may develop behavioral issues. It can be caused by the environment at home, environment at school, genetic disorders or just some event that triggers it. However, they can lead to the child drifting apart from studies or behaving in a way that others may find unacceptable. Upon noticing patterns of tantrum, erratic behavior, irritability, isolation, aggression, or violence, one must refer to medical help and get to the root of the cause.
  • Lack of resources: many schools simply lack resources. They either cannot afford good teachers or do not want to. What makes a good teacher? Knowledge, good listening and communication skills, friendliness and approachability, excellent preparation skills and a strong work ethic. The best CBSE schools in Bangalore leave no stones unturned to provide only the best teachers along with opportunities and infrastructure to their students. Resources do not get in the way of the top 10 CBSE schools. They constantly strive to do and provide better so that their students can become responsible citizens.

While some of these factors may cause short-term hindrances, others cause long-term hindrances, some can be fixed overtime, others remain to haunt us. However, what we can do is make sure that we take a positive step forward each time and work as hard as we can to give our little leaders what they deserve. The best CBSE schools in Bangalore ensure that students are given the best in terms of education, sports, extracurricular activities, infrastructure and more. CBSE school admissions of your child comes with surety that they will be fully taken care of. Admissions in CBSE schools are bound to decrease the hindrances in learning processes and increase productivity among students. Trained teachers look after every aspect and ensure that each child is taught, treated and managed differently while maintaining a healthy teacher-student relationship. New Horizon Gurukul (NHG) is one among the top schools in Bangalore which must be among every parent’s choice while looking for CBSE school admission in Bangalore. Admissions are now OPEN.