Education is the key to changing lives and world perspectives. This new millennium is characterized by new technology, changing values and different life styles. New Horizon Gurukul reflects the changing needs of the 21st century keeping in mind the unchanging core values of Indian society.

In New Horizon Gurukul, we believe that the objective of primary education is not just to inform, but also to empower and transform. With this philosophy at its core, children make the transition from dependence to independence in a secure, stimulating and multi-cultural environment. Each child can learn, thrive and achieve his or her potential and most importantly, have fun in the process.

Every child is encouraged to explore his or her budding skills within an exhilarating atmosphere that ignites the curiosity to explore and create. Well qualified and experienced teachers help unlock each child’s hidden potential urging it to evolve into a life skill. A versatile curriculum offers a balanced blend of academic and pragmatic learning.

In Gurukul at the primary level, we strive to empower our students with skills and talents in a natural environment which provide the perfect setting for children to develop a love for learning and achieve academic excellence. We consider the whole to be only as strong as its constituent parts. Our mission, ultimately, is to build a sturdy foundation on which every child can stand firmly and navigate towards excellence with confidence, courage and conviction.

The “Values Plus‘’ in New Horizon Gurukul is a values education programme that effectively integrates the principles of the Bhagavad Gita into the curriculum. Many values are covered under various categories – Universal, Social, Cultural, Personal, and Spiritual. The curriculum offers an assortment of interesting and thought provoking courses for children from class I to IV that aims at improving the moral, spiritual and emotional health of children.


Taking on the world with passion, confidence and energising creativity. The Primary Division of New Horizon Gurukul takes a step further in the process of learning. As the tiny tot of Pre-Primary division graduates to Class I, the approach subtly changes; at the same time, a lot of care is taken to ensure that the joys of childhood are protected and preserved.


Curricular emphasis on lateral thinking and development of inter-personal skills Classes I, II, III, IV and V offer the children varied activities. These include pair discussions and group discussions which are conducted to develop their language skills and inter-personal skills effortlessly. Story-telling sessions help them in unleashing their creativity. Also, the children are encouraged to speak out, discuss, analyse and debate which help in raising their confidence levels.


The school has library services which not only encourage the children’s reading habit, but also trigger critical and lateral thinking through reviews. An awareness of what is going on around the world is created through innovative methodology. a lot of opportunities are also offered to the students to explore and discover facts for themselves. The school library provides a range of learning opportunities for students with a focus on intellectual content and information literacy.

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Our World is Different

A new genteel world conceptualized by the go getters.

The early years of learning are made student friendly. Students of Standard I – V carry minimum text books and note books to the school. They are not only freed from the heavy burden of books but also from swallowing heavy subjects by cramming or by the force of tests. A concept is taught for a month and the student is thus gradually introduced to the concept; this helps perfect assimilation wherein the learning process becomes devoid of strain and stress. A special feature at New Horizon Gurukul is the one-to-one relationship between the teacher and the taught. With a lot of patience, care and concern, the teacher makes the classes interesting and inspiring. The classrooms are not characterized by monotonous monologues, but by highly interactive sessions. Digital classrooms have been setup to make the classroom sessions more interactive and interesting to lay sound foundation for understanding difficult concepts.