BY NIVE( National Institute of Value Education ) , a division of ISKCON

The school works in collaboration with NIVE, an initiative of ISKCON Bangalore, which has designed a curriculum based on the set of values recommended by the NCERT. The aim of NIVE has been to empower children to be able to decide and make conscious and valued decisions.

The V+ classes are interactive and the mentors of NIVE use well-mapped lesson plans to help students connect to the message within. Students are encouraged to apply it in their own lives, through small activities and initiatives. The program also incorporates Moral teachings through Vedic stories inculcating Indian values and culture.

For Grades IX & X, the programme helps to explore the fact that science and spirituality can coexist and converge to give a cogent worldview that inspires an enlightened and enriched living.

World Values Day

“End of education is character”, goes the saying. Around the World Values Day, which fell on the 15th of October 2020  NIVE  Values Plus Samskrti rolled out competitions based on some handpicked themes.

Artsy contest for Grades 1 to 8 –colouring and collage making around a set of values.

Hastagged contest for Grade 9-11:
Spread the goodness of practicing values through social media posts.

World Grandparents Day

The NIVE Values Plus program effectively integrates the learning of values and life skills into the curriculum through stories/ activities/ videos etc.

Since “World Grandparents Day” was celebrated on 13th Sept ’20, NIVE organised a unique competition for children from Grades 1 to 11 based on the occasion.

While the children honour their grandparents every day, it is important for them to take an extra moment to appreciate all the joy and wisdom that grandparents bring to their lives.

It is very important that children realise the value of grandparents in their lives and this competition is a small step towards reinstating the values of respect and love towards them.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami, ``Swagatam Krishna``

First ever DIGITAL celebration of Sri Krishna Janmashtami, “Swagatam Krishna”, by ISKCON Bangalore, on the 11th and 12th of August, with 20 hours of online events.
This provided a wonderful platform for the students of New Horizon Gurukul to pay tribute to Lord Krishna through their enticing cultural performances. A well-coordinated video on children performing devotional dance, song and shloka chanting were telecast on ISKCON, Bangalore YouTube live which had a good number of viewership.


National Institute of Values Education, was very happy, to conduct Annual competitions, ‘NIVE – SAMSKRTI’, a time to celebrate special talents in every child.

As we all know, the most beautiful years in any human, are the growing up years. Especially the student hood. To make their school life more worthwhile and memorable it is good to engage them in competitions that will not only provide a platform for the special talents in them but also promote a healthy competitive spirit in them.

SL No Name Category Fancy Name
1 Little Orator Grades 1 & 2 Story Telling
2  Young Imaginer Grades 3&4 Story Writing
3 Paper Kraftz Grades 5&6 Origami Competition
4 Pandemic Ponder Grades 7&8 Poster Making on what has ‘Covid 19 – lock down’, taught us.                  With captions.
5 Musings Grades 9&10 Video on self identified core value
Heritage Fest

ISKCON Bangalore proudly organised “The Heritage Fest Online”, an international competition based on traditional Indian arts, culture, and wisdom, on the eve of Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2020. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to participate in the biggest online cultural competition to showcase their talents and to win rewards and recognition on a global platform.

Value Samskriti

The season of Dasara and Navratri reminds us of the victory of good over evil. This beautiful occasion has different fervours. The dance gathering, the daily pooja to the dolls, the community gathering over RavanDahan, the famous elephant procession in Mysore with mother Chamundi’s deity, the Durga pooja in Kolkata etc.

NIVE – Values Plus rolled out an interesting contest for the students wherein they can capture the festive vibes through their lens and creativity and share the joy with us.

Akshaya Patra School visits by students

“Action speaks louder than words.” The quote stands true in all aspects; whether it is to inculcate good manners in children or to imbibe the good virtues of kindness, sharing and to be thankful for what we have.

In the true spirit of the Gurukul tradition of value based system of learning, the students of classes 6 – 10 were given a hand on experience of doing something for their less fortunate friends by The Akshay Patra Foundation. They were taken to BBMP Government schools within Bangalore, where they served the mid-day meal to the students of the Primary classes, which is provided by the Akshay Patra Programme, in association with ISKCON.

Not only did the children learn a great deal from the experience, but they also enjoyed their interaction and play with their little friends. It was an enriching experience to see these children happy and content with what they have, something we fail in.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation School Visits by Students 2019 -20

Students got the opportunity to visit the mega kitchen at The Akshaya Patra Foundation which serves thousands of children every day. After a tour of the state of the art kitchen, the students along with their teachers and Values Plus team went to the government schools where mid-day meals are provided. There the students learnt the value of humility and compassion, as they got an opportunity to serve lunch to those children. After a happy interaction with the school children, the students reflected their experience of compassion through a collage showing gratitude.

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