Awareness Programme-“The Role of a Student in Controlling Crime and Ways to Contribute to Society”

On 24th July 2023, New Horizon Gurukul in collaboration with NIVE foundation organized an awareness program on the topic “The Role of a Student in Controlling Crime and Ways to Contribute to Society”. We were honoured to have Dr. D.R. Karthikeyan as our chief guest for the event. He is a renowned figure in Indian Civil Service and a former Indian Police Service officer who served as the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation. In recognition of his contributions, he was bestowed with the prestigious Padma Shri award in 2010.

The program’s objectives, which aimed to educate students about their responsibilities in preventing and controlling crime and promoting positive contributions to society, are essential in moulding responsible and conscientious citizens. Instilling a sense of social awareness and civic responsibility among students is crucial for creating a more empathetic and inclusive society.

Educating students about the importance of reporting crimes and providing assistance to authorities in the prevention and investigation of criminal activities empowers them to actively contribute to the safety and security of their communities. This knowledge can lead to a safer and more vigilant society.

Promoting a culture of respect, empathy, and tolerance within their communities is a vital aspect of nurturing a harmonious and cohesive society where individuals from diverse backgrounds can coexist peacefully.
During the program, Dr. Karthikeyan shared his valuable insights and experiences gained from working closely with eminent personalities. Dr. Karthikeyan emphasized the importance of believing in the realm of possibilities and spoke about how determination, faith in oneself, and trust in others can lead to success.

The program was graced by Ms. Sargam Manghnani, Vice Chairperson, New Horizon Gurukul, who felicitated our esteemed guest. Ms.Yadushaila, Coordinator of NIVE and Mr.Shyama Kishore, Senior Devotee from NIVE Foundation joined us as special guests for the occasion.

The event concluded with an interactive question-and-answer session where Dr. Karthikeyan patiently answered all queries from the audience. It was indeed a fortunate opportunity for everyone at New Horizon Gurukul to host such an illustrious personality like Dr.Karthikeyan for this enlightening awareness program on youth empowerment and social responsibility.