Big Barn farm field trip

A Field Trip to Big Barn Nature Camp was organized for Grade IV on 12th and 18th December 2023. The field trip was aimed at educating students about organic farming, sustainability, and preserving the environment.
An energetic energizer exercise kicked off the day at Big Barn Nature Camp, creating a happy and upbeat tone for the duration of the visit.

The students were guided through a number of interesting and instructive exercises. The opportunity for the students to engage with a variety of domestic animals and birds was excellent thanks to the animal contact activities. Understanding the behaviour, needs, and ecological responsibilities of these animals was aided by the fish and cow feeding activities.

The students learned a great deal about farming equipment and methods from the thrilling tractor ride. They learned about the effective use of organic waste and the advantages of water conservation through rainwater gathering techniques through engaging workshops and educational demonstrations. A container filled with the seeds they had planted earlier in the day was given to the students as a memorable keepsake. This kind act encouraged them to maintain their relationship with nature even after they left the camp by serving as a memory of their wonderful experience