Confidence Building Panel Discussion

In association with The Rotary Club of Bangalore, a panel discussion on confidence building was organized for the students of grade 9 of New Horizon Gurukul at the Chanakya Auditorium on 6
th February 2024.

The Objectives of the programme were to provide students with a pivotal opportunity to delve into the intricacies and nuances of building confidence and to develop essential skills in navigating various facets of life.
The session commenced with a warm welcome extended to our esteemed chief guests and speakers, RTN Vasantha Vaikunth and RTN Pooja. Their presence added significant value to the event through an insightful panel discussion, helping us understand and assimilate confidence-building principles. The program began with a welcome address by a member of the Interact Club, NHG, Ms. Titiksha Kuchiwada.

Students were privileged to hear about RTN Vasantha’s challenges, which provided a profound perception of facing the uncertainties of the future. The panel discussion also provided a practical strategy for confidently facing society and resiliently overcoming failures. Their words resonated deeply with the students, inspiring them to confidently carry themselves.
The focus of the event was on the holistic approach to life, serving as a guiding light. The session also guided students in embracing the negative elements of life positively, learning from them, and leveraging those experiences to become better versions of themselves.The program ended with a question-and-answer session. The students asked questions about the confidence building and the role of school and society about the same.

In the end, vote of thanks was given by interact club board member Ms. Sai Sri Pranavi Erramilli.