Deepawali Carnival- Deepostav 2023

Deepotsav 2023 was held at New Horizon Gurukul on 06.11.2023 for Grade VI to XII. It was an energetic and enduring celebration. The festivities began with teachers welcoming the students by applying traditional tilak on their foreheads. Setting the tone for a memorable day, the dignitaries illuminated the lamp. Commencing the event, students delivered a speech highlighting the significance of the five days of Deepawali. They elucidated the cultural, spiritual, and historical importance of each day. They shared insights into the rituals and traditions that families across the nation observe during this auspicious festival, underlining the deep-rooted values of unity, joy, and the triumph of light over darkness. Their words not only embodied the festive spirit but also deepened the understanding of the cultural heritage that Deepawali represents.

The event showcased an enthralling funfair carnival adorned with the luminous glow of numerous diyas. The school premises created a unique ambiance, complemented by multi-cuisine food stalls, offering a memorable culinary experience. The students were treated to an exclusive performance by ‘The Acoustic Saga’, a versatile Bollywood and Multilingual Band. Their lively dance displayed their joyful spirits.

The students dressed in the best ethnic wear were recognized and awarded prizes, adding a competitive and stylish element to the festivities.

The grand finale marked the event’s splendid culmination, as fireworks adorned the night sky with a vibrant display of colors and patterns. Deepotsav 2023, at New Horizon Gurukul, was undeniably a memorable celebration, where traditional customs, live music, and a festive atmosphere harmoniously came together, crafting a cherished and enduring experience for all in attendance.