A joyous welcome was given to the students of New Horizon Gurukul on the occasion of Diwali celebration on October 27th 2021. There was a lot of enthusiasm and excitement as the little ones displayed their vibrant talents by participating in various events. One of the most awaited events of the day was the fancy-dress competition for Grade 1 students. It was intended to help the students to overcome stage fright, show off their inner talent, build up their self-confidence, to help them learn about their inner strength and to understand the importance of the festival.

Students of Grade 2 had the opportunity to participate in the Diya Decorating Competition which they passionately participated and came up with some very interesting ideas. Their decorations were wonderfully unique and beautiful.

Grade 3 students displayed a remarkable blend of creativity and imagination during Greeting Card Making Competition. We watched children, weaving magic on paper as they created their masterpieces.

The students of Grade 4 displayed their artistic abilities through drawing and colouring, and the results were amazing.

Grade 5 students participated in a storytelling competition. Children used facial expressions and voice modulation to summarize their stories and capture the audience’s attention. These students displayed excellent oratory and presentation skills.

The event culminated with a cultural programme. As the event came to an end all the primary students grooved to the tunes of the DJ. A relishing and sumptuous lunch was served for the students and they returned home with Diwali presents. It was undoubtedly an event to remember.