Experience New Horizon with a Twist 2022

We are often left wonderstruck about the vastness and complexity of student-hood today. Reminiscing our school life fills us with euphoria. New Horizon Gurukul organized ‘Experience New Horizon with a Twist’ on 17th September 2022 giving parents an opportunity to step into their children’s sneakers for a day. 150 parents registered for the event. The idea was to provide the parents a glimpse of what a typical day at school is for their children. Their excitement was undeniable, after all, they were getting a chance to relive their school days. They participated in a plethora of assorted activities with high spirits. They sprang from one class to the next, playing sprightly physical education games, doing hands on experiments in science labs with stimulating equipment, learning lesser- known facts about social media in computer class, juggling with patterns in math class and learning about latest techniques of urban farming in our very own terrace garden through hydroponics.

It is never too late to explore one’s strengths, interests, and abilities. During CCA classes we could see parents immersed in art and craft activities. They took pride in their pottery creations like children, during clay modelling and pottery sessions. Our students ‘with a twist’, showed electrifying enthusiasm during Zumba and yoga classes by giving their best at trying different asanas and grooving to Bollywood steps. Being part of such sessions was definitely therapeutic and relaxing for them. The day ended with an intriguing quiz round followed by felicitation of the winners and the best outgoing student for the day.

Good times come and go but the school memories last forever. It was not only a day to cherish forever but we also built very strong bond of trust and friendship with our ‘students with a twist’.