Experience New Horizon with a Twist 2023

New Horizon Gurukul organized ‘Experience New Horizon with a Twist’ on 23rd September 2023, giving parents an opportunity to reminisce their school experiences for a day, transport them back in time to their childhood and to witness how Gurukul students combine fitness, learning, activities and play in their daily lives, through studies, yoga, art, dance, sports, and various co-curricular activities to live up to the motto of NHG “Sarveshaam Poornam Bhavatu”.

85 parents registered for the event. Goodie bags and T-shirts were given at the registration desk. The parents were given a warm welcome with the traditional lamp lighting and tilak ceremony followed by the assembly. They participated in a wide array of diverse activities with great enthusiasm. Parents experienced it all from science park, Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs, engaging art and craft and dance activities, intensive PE classes to chit-chats in the cafeteria with scrumptious breakfast and lunch.

Parents enjoyed the thoughtfully structured classes, felt blissful chanting mantras and shlokas in Value Plus classes and actively engaged themselves in the technique of growing plants using water- based nutrient solution, rather than soil, in Hydroponics.

The day ended with the exceptional dance performances by parent-students, bringing it all to a magnificent culmination.

Times may change, but the memories from our school days remain etched in our hearts forever. This wasn’t just a day to cherish, but it also allowed us to forge strong bonds of trust and friendship with our unique “students” with a twist.