Field Trip to Big Barn Nature Camp

A Field Trip to Big Barn Nature Camp was organized for Grade V on 23rd August 2023. The field trip was aimed at educating students about organic farming, sustainability, and preserving the environment.

The day commenced at the Big Barn Nature Camp with an invigorating energizer activity, setting a positive and enthusiastic tone for the rest of the visit. The students were led through a series of engaging and educational activities. Through animal interaction activity the students had the invaluable opportunity to interact with various domestic animals and birds. The fish feeding and cow feeding activities helped in gaining insights into these animal behaviour, needs, and ecosystem roles.

The exhilarating tractor ride helped the students gain profound insights into farming techniques and machinery. Through interactive sessions and informative demonstrations, they acquired knowledge about the efficient utilization of organic waste and the benefits of conserving water through rainwater harvesting methods. Thereafter, the students embarked on invigorating Nature Walk led by the educators. These activities encouraged empathy, care, and respect for animals and birds.

The students were presented with a meaningful memento – a pot containing the seeds they had planted earlier in the day. This thoughtful gesture served as a reminder of their memorable experience and encouraged them to continue nurturing their connection with nature even after leaving the camp.