Hampi Trip 2022

Hampi Trip 2022
“People forget years and remember moments”
-Ann Beattie

It is in human nature to travel and see new and exotic places, so after two long years of staying at home, a trip to Hampi, one of the greatest marvels of Ancient India was just what was needed to freshen the minds of the students.
The trip was organised with an objective to make the students acquaint with the cultural heritage of Karnataka and to observe and develop aesthetic sense in students.
With one-hundred and forty participants across the 8th grade, the trip was divided into two batches. The first batch, who went on 4th and 5th November, and the second batch, who went on 10th and 11th November.
The bus ride to Hampi was fun filled with the students showcasing their talents. On the first day, students were taken to visit attractions of Hampi, starting with the Queen’s Bath, Lotus Mahal and Elephant Stable. The next day students visited the Vittala
temple to witness the beauty of the enchanting temple.
In the outskirts of a forest, students had their lunch comprising of traditional cuisine and bought expertly crafted souvenirs. An amazing performance of “Kishkinda” from The Ramayana was also arranged for the students.
The Hampi trip ended with the view of mesmerising sunset and a campfire night filled with music and dance