Yoga is an incredible gift to mankind .It synergises body, mind and soul bringing in harmony in our lives. To raise awareness about this ancient science, New Horizon Gurukul celebrated International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2022. Students and parents actively participated in the event which was held in the Chanakya Auditorium of the school. The session started with warm up exercises and all the students practiced & performed sitting and standing asanas. Their significance was understood simultaneously.

A group of students from secondary section demonstrated various asanas for students to follow. Suryanamaskar, Tada asana, Utkatasana,Adhomukha asana, Bhujanga asana, Virabhadrasana and others were practiced by students from all grades in batches. Yoga masters of New Horizon Gurukul emphasized on the importance of yoga in everyday life in their introductory speeches and urged everyone to make yoga an integral component of their lives.

This year’s yoga day celebration witnessed greater enthusiasm after two years of hiatus and everyone took a vow to keep themselves active and fit through yoga practice. The entire event concluded with Hasyayoga which made the entire auditorium resonate with peals of laughter!