International Yoga Day 2021


Yoga aids in striking a dynamic equilibrium of physical body through postures and harmonising it with mind. The 7th year of International Yoga day was celebrated at New Horizon Gurukul on 21st June 2021. While the pandemic is still in its receding mode, NHG determined to beat the lethargy of lockdown by rejuvenating yoga sessions and insightful talks. The celebrations kick started with an insightful speech which left the audience to reflect and resolve to make yoga a part of their lifestyle regime. The live session of Yoga comprising of various asanas and breathing techniques was then led by Yoga instructors of Gurukul. Around 100 teachers of Gurukul staff participated in the dynamic session which was also broadcasted on Facebook handle of NHG.

Gurukulites also showed their unquenchable enthusiasm by delivering flawless speeches on the occasion and displayed various yoga-asanas by synchronising their body parts with unimaginable finesse and agility. Their entire performance was also showcased on various social media handles of NHG.

The event came to a close with collective prayers of all teachers seeking welfare, happiness and good health for everyone in the world.