“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” -Ronald Reagan.

Leaders are a mantle of hope, they are the light which propels a society forward for a positive change and development. This subtle feeling was at its crescendo in the hearts of Gurukulites on the Investiture Ceremony 2021-22 of New Horizon Gurukul.

The morning of September 18th, 2021 marked this momentous online gathering. The event started with a soulful prayer by the school choir, after which Gurukulites were graced with an insightful speech by the Chief Guest, His Grace, Sri Sampati Dasa of ISKCON, Bangalore. In his message to newly elected members of the council, the chief guest emphasised on building strong inner foundation fortified with values and wisdom from our scriptures. He deliberated on the fact that determination and confidence of a leader springs forth from inner recess which helps to build and serve society. The elected members of the Council were lauded with badges and sashes by their parents paying heed to the current global crisis. The will to lead and carry forward the Gurukul tradition was evident in each emerging leader.

Aaryan Mayur Koulavkar was bestowed as the School Captain Boy and Shreya Bhanot was bestowed as the School Captain Girl. Aaryan Mayur shared his thoughts on leadership as a medium to chisel one’s own self and empower others to their highest potential. All the elected leaders of four houses Agni, Jal, Prithvi ,Vayu and Aakash along with sports and cultural secretaries promised to carry out their duties with utmost dedication and sincerity. The school Principal, Mrs. Sandhya Singh, addressed the gathering, conveying the essential message, “Leadership is action, not position.”.

Vote of Thanks, delivered by Shreya Bhanot, the School Captain Girl. The school song and national anthem brought a truly wonderful and meaningful occasion to an end.