Kanaka Dasa Jayanthi

The morning school assembly on 30th November 2023, resonated with the divine melodies as New Horizon Gurukul celebrated Kanakadasa Jayanti. The assembly was organized with the aim of honoring the renowned Bhakti poet and saint, Kanakadasa.

The assembly began with a soulful rendition of the school prayer, setting a serene and spiritual tone. The spotlight then shifted to the podium where students of Grade 7 delivered an insightful speech about Kanakadasa’s life and teachings. They spoke about Kanakadasa’s unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna and how his compositions, known as “Devaranamas,” continue to inspire generations. The speech highlighted Kanakadasa’s emphasis on equality, love, and selfless devotion as timeless principles that transcend boundaries. This was followed by a musical tribute in the form of Kanakadasa’s composition of Devaranamas.

The Kanakadasa Jayanti morning assembly successfully achieved its goal of imparting cultural and spiritual insights to the school community.