Long Service Award Ceremony

Long Service Award represents not just the passing of years, but a journey filled with passion, countless hours of hard work, and a steadfast commitment. To honor and recognize the commitment and invaluable contributions of employees who have demonstrated remarkable loyalty and service to the institution over the years, Long Service Award Ceremony was held in school on 9th October 2023. The ceremony commenced with a welcoming address expressing gratitude to the dignitaries and emphasizing the significance of honoring long-serving employees. Vice chairperson, Ms. Sargam Mangnani honoured Mr. Jayashankar, Mr. Naveen, Ms Surpreet and Mr. Prashanth to commemorate their extensive service to the institution. Recipients of the awards conveyed sincere messages, shared personal experiences, and reflected on their individual journey within the institution, which set an inspiring tone for the evening. The event served as a significant milestone with a sense of camaraderie, respect, and appreciation among colleagues.