Movie Night Under the Stars

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The movie extravaganza commenced with the screening of the thrilling and visually captivating “Guardians of the Galaxy” on 16th Dec 2023 for the students. As the sun set, stars emerged, and students relished the cinematic experience while indulging in the provided snacks. On 17th Dec 2023, parents were treated to an exclusive evening with the critically acclaimed and patriotic film “URI- The Surgical Strike.” 280 students and 100 parents were present for the movie screening at New Horizon Gurukul, Quadrangle. The venue, adorned with comfortable seating arrangements, provided an ideal setting for parents to connect, enjoy the movie together and savor the provided popcorns. A short introduction emphasized the importance of parental involvement in the school community, further strengthening the bonds among the parents. Both evenings successfully achieved the set objectives, fostering a sense of joy, togetherness, and cultural enrichment. The Movie Night Under the Stars not only provided entertainment but also served as a platform for meaningful connections among students and parents, reinforcing the sense of community at New Horizon Gurukul. As the event concluded, expressions of satisfaction and appreciation echoed through the Quadrangle, indicating the success of the Movie Night Under the Stars.