National Mathematics Day

The National Mathematics Day was celebrated at New Horizon Gurukul on 22nd December 2023. The objectives of the celebrations were to highlight Srinivasa Ramanujan’s accomplishments, to encourage students to look beyond formal education for success and to inspire critical thinking and logical reasoning, mirroring Ramanujan’s approach.

The assembly began with an insightful thought, marking the significance of December 22nd as National Mathematics Day. The lobby was beautifully presented with different modules from mathematics. Primary-grade students enthralled the audience with a captivating fashion show, depicting ancient Indian mathematicians. An engaging action song followed, showcasing the diverse shapes in geometry. A skit by grade 6 and 7 students demonstrated the practical relevance of mathematics in daily life, and students presented an innovative rap they had composed. The event concluded with a quiz, allowing attendees to assess their mathematical knowledge, hosted by a knowledgeable 9th-grade student.