Vibrant campus life is essential for high-quality teaching-learning processes.
(12.9 National Education Policy 2020, student activity and participation, page 40

Optimizing the learning process with novel initiatives has been the crux of curriculum at New Horizon Gurukul and without an iota of doubt, we resonate with NEP2020 in every extra-curricular and co- curricular activities. The testimony of this approach was clearly evident in the Overnight Adventure Camp 2023 along with numerous programs executed this year.

92 students of grade 12 along with their facilitators participated in the indoor adventure camp on 24th March 2023. Students were actively involved in pitching their tents and organizing their lanterns, mats and sleeping bags for their overnight stay in the campus. From enhancing the team spirit with myriad range of team building activities such as crossing the bridge, human chains, straw challenge, relay races, balancing the ball and others, the camp also inculcated self-reliance in students. Campfire stories and the music band performances added more color and made our campers swell with joy, laughter and happiness. A subtle sense of belongingness was very much evident during the dinner and in sharing their tents.

Overnight adventure camp made everyone not only pitch their tents but also lots of happiness wrapping oneself with the warmth of togetherness! This new initiative brought in a fresh change to revitalize bonding between students which we believe will leave a lasting impact as they march ahead in their lives!