Raksha Bandhan Celebration

On August 31st 2023, a group of 15 girls from grades 9 to 12 visited the Army office at CV Raman Nagar to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with our courageous soldiers. This heart- warming gesture of gratitude and brotherhood was more than just an expression of love. It was an opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and sacrifices of our armed forces who work tirelessly to ensure our safety and security.

The army personnel welcomed the students with open arms and big smiles, creating an atmosphere filled with warmth. The girls brought with them lovingly handcrafted rakhis, made by the students of New Horizon Gurukul on 24th August. As they tied the symbolic knot on the soldiers’ wrists, a strong sense of emotion filled the air. The rakhis conveyed the unspoken messages of gratefulness, love, and respect. The soldiers then shared gifts with the students as a token of gratitude and love. As the visit came to an end, the soldiers and students shared words of encouragement. Lieutenant Col Manu Chabra, who was in charge of the event, expressed his gratitude and said that the students’ visit meant a lot to them as it filled the gap of not being able to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with their families. The connections made were nothing short of a family.