Ritvik-National Roller Championship

Ritvik from grade 8C achieved a remarkable feat by securing the Silver medal at the prestigious 61st National Roller Championship in the Inline Freestyle (Speed Slalom) category for boys aged 11 to 14 years. Competing against a field of 19 skilled skaters, where two qualifiers represented each state from over 10 states, Ritvik’s achievement stands as a testament to his skill and dedication in roller sports. Organized by the Roller Skating Federation of India (R.S.F.I), the championship is a premier national event held across Chennai and Chandigarh from December 11th to 25th, 2023. R.S.F.L, serving as the governing body for skateboarding and roller sports in India, hosts various categories including Speed Skating. Roller and Inline Hockey, Skateboarding, Inline Downhill and Alpine, Inline Freestyle, and Artistic, spanning different age groups. Ritvik’s success highlights his prowess in the Inline: Freestyle discipline and underscores his promising.