Sargam Fest

Sargam Fest 2023, the national level intercollegiate fest was held from December 1st to 3rd, 2023 at New Horizon College of Engineering. This year, the fest embraced the theme of Ramleela, transporting participants and audiences alike to the world of Ayodhya’s epic legend. Our school, with its spirit of unwavering participation and artistic excellence shone brightly, bagging prizes in a stunning seven out of the fifteen events.

While the participants of Sur Sangam and Sur Milan took home the coveted first prize with their evocative rendition, we had the participants of FIFA Gaming, Beat The Street, Spotlight and Ramkatha who mesmerized the audience and secured the second prize. Finally, our Contemporary Dance team earned a commendable third prize.

These victories were not just trophies; they were testaments to the dedication and talent of our students. Looking ahead, this year’s success has set the bar high. The cash prizes won are a welcome boost for nurturing our school’s artistic endeavors. As the echoes of Sargam 2023 fade, they leave behind a valuable lesson in collaboration and perseverance