Learning is fortified when a child is involved in experiential mode with an engaging environment. Virtual learning can never replace a school filled with tremendous potential to explore and enrich one’s cognitive abilities.

New Horizon Gurukul experienced the jubilance and heightened energy levels on 30th May 2022 when the school reopened for a new dawn of learning. All students of secondary and senior secondary sections were traditionally welcomed with lighting of lamp and tilak ceremony. This was followed by a meticulously planned assembly to rejuvenate the minds and shed the lethargy gathered over two years due to the pandemic. Invocation prayers and songs along with dance performances filled the atmosphere with positive vibes. Welcome address by the principal motivated all students to give their best and the importance of discipline was reinforced.All students actively participated in mass Hasya yoga exercises with pranayama followed by a sumptuous welcome-treat in the cafeteria.

The energy of students, the jubilance, smiles and enthusiasm of the every child will definitely act a powerful catalyst for teachers and all stakeholders to bounce back on the path of excellence to shape the young minds!!!!