Seed Ball Activity

On July 22, 2023, New Horizon Gurukul conducted the Seed Ball-making activity organised by Bhumi, an organisation that believes in facilitating change in the environment. A total of 90 Green Ambassadors from grades 5–12 enthusiastically participated and gave their hands to make these little spheres that hold the power to transform barren landscapes into thriving ecosystems, contributing to the restoration of our planet.

The students were provided with materials such as a handful of rich soil, nutrient-packed fertilizers, and seeds and were further guided by the volunteers from Bhumi in making the seed balls. After these seed balls are prepared and dried, they are distributed and strategically placed in various locations to promote reforestation, ecological restoration, and biodiversity conservation. This hands-on and eco-friendly practice allowed us to play an active role in replenishing native plant populations, promoting wildlife habitats, and combating issues like deforestation and urban sprawl.