Six Factors Contributing to a Student’s Success


The school age (6 years – 16 years) is a period of constant development and change for the child. The student grows mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially causing a variety of emotions. This also happens to be the time that parents are most careful about what they say and teach their child.  

A student’s success is dependent on multiple external factors. One may assume that when a child can differentiate between right and wrong, they become entirely responsible for all their actions. This is partially correct. However, we must understand that each child is different. Some children need to be catered to more than others and some stand independent from a very young age. What does stand singularly is the need to watch what paths the child takes, throughout. Good sleep, physical activities, reading, socializing and a nutritional diet is the bible of a physically and mentally healthy child.  

New horizon Gurukul (NHG), the best cbse school in Bangalore among the list of top 10 cbse schools in Bangalore recognizes the struggle of a parent. A parent that wants their child to explore, not wander; focus without being isolated; experience without being misguided. Parenting brings in new sets of obstacles each year. Children between the ages of 6 – 16 go through various new complications. They feel a sudden disconnect with their parent, they socialize too much or too little causing social struggles, they want to relate to their friends. They hit puberty, all while still trying to be academically successful. As a parent you want your child to experience every aspect of being in school and being a teenager, but how do you make sure you guide your child in the right direction without shutting them down or causing a crack in the relationship? This article gives you an insight on how you can contribute to your child’s/student’s success. Read on. 

  • Time Management: as the child grows, they are consumed by a myriad of social and academic responsibilities. Students are expected to take part in sports, perform well in studies and maintain healthy relationships with their peers. It is very easy for a child to feel overwhelmed in such a situation. Parents find that children at this age either become more introverted, avoid gatherings, and choose to completely shell themselves up or choose to spend excessive amounts of time with friends while ignoring studies and not participating in sports. Some children even crumble to the pressure of being number one and choose to engross themselves in their books avoiding any distractions. One must realize that none of these habits are healthy. In fact, the presence of these habits involves the instant intervention of an adult. A teacher or a parent needs to talk to the child and encourage them to divide their time in such a way that they attain educational, social, and physical skills without one overpowering the other. The child can be asked to make their own timetable that they follow with enough playtime, study time, recreational time, and break time. Managing their own time will make them independent and help them prioritize on what is important.  
  • Healthy Habits: children are like sponge, as they say. They soak up any liquid around them. Likewise, what you teach a child, they are most likely to follow for a substantial amount of time in their life. Teaching your child healthy habits in terms of food, sleep, meditation, and activities is a necessity. This can take your child a long way. Having a balanced diet, sleeping for at least 8 hours, participating in physical activities (of any form), and meditating to relax/focus are just some things that each child can learn a lot from. This also allows the child to have mental peace, focus on what is important and overall leading a successful life. Cbse admissions in Bangalore at the best cbse schools in Bangalore ensures that your child participates in areas of their interests apart from regular studies. NHG – the best cbse school in Bangalore goes beyond bounds to find the best instructors in sports, dance, and music for their students to excel in. Click here for more. 
  • Parents Involvement: no matter how independent your child seems to be, no matter how “deviant” you think they have become, never give up on helping your child and being a parent that is present. Follow up on their studies, ask them how their day was, have open conversations with them and let them discuss everything under the sun with you. It is easy for you to say “you can tell us anything without worrying about the consequences” than for a child to say “mom and dad do not need to know.” We agree, it is difficult to see your child go against your teachings, but being available for your child when they regret a decision or make a mistake will help them trust you. They will find it easier to approach you when you approach them first! For example: after spending 1 hour on teaching them science every day, your child’s score in science is average. He/she feels that they have let you down and you reprimand them for continuing to get bad scores with all your efforts in vain. This will force the child to now hide their scores from you and lie to you. Your involvement will become a bane to the child. An alternate approach would be: “I know with some more efforts, we can definitely get your scores higher, we will work towards it. We will find the best practice for you to understand concepts better.” Parenting can be taxing – as much as you feel that your time is wasted and the road led to nowhere, you must continue to help your child. Make sure your child understands that you’re simply helping them and not that you are forcing them to be a part of the race. Top cbse schools in Bangalore and the cbse school admission of your child in the best cbse school in Bangalore like NHG will involve the parent in every aspect of the child’s progress to keep a stable connect between the parent, student, and school. Teachers at the best cbse schools also actively spend extra time with students that need help in covering complex topics. 
  • Feeling Valued: you child may find solace in his/her friends but nothing compares to the compliments and recognition you can bring to them. Make sure to praise your child. Pointing out their mistakes is important but letting them know that their mistakes do not define them is more important. Let them know that they are excellent dancers even if they are unable to accomplish certain academic goals. This instills confidence in them and allows them to believe in themselves at this crucial stage in life. The world today is incredibly accepting of new professions, your child’s life is not dependent on their academic capabilities alone. Teachers at schools like New Horizon Gurukul – the best cbse in Bangalore are trained to recognize the abilities of each child and respect them for their individuality.
  • Environment: a healthy environment with equal amounts of privacy and socializing is key to dealing with an adolescent. A healthy home and classroom without bullying, arguments and gaslighting is to be ensured by parents and teachers. At home, the child should be able to have any conversation which can be countered by a debate instead of an argument. Parents must keep their children away from their misunderstandings and disagreements. They must allow the child to feel safe and secure in the house. Your child must feel that that they are valued members of the house. Teachers must ensure that no child is being bullied, spoken ill of, and disrespected in the premises. As one of the top 10 schools in Bangalore NHG is a completely ragging free campus where teachers and students have a healthy relationship. Teachers are trained to pick up on the most minute details to help children out of any situation that they might be in.  
  • Guidance:  these developmental ages may be some survived and others succumbed. Give your child the right guidance and save the boat from rocking too hard. Help your child set goals, help them accomplish them and celebrate their accomplishments. Cbse admissions in Bangalore among the best cbse schools in Bangalore ensures that your child gets the right guidance. The best cbse schools in Bangalore have in-house counsellors that help the children realize their potential. A counsellor and a teacher together can guide the student to great heights.  

It is important for a parent to be available for their child in every aspect of their life, specially at this age that will become the deciding factor of their future. Parenting is trial and error. Parents should be able to switch up their teaching methods based on the reaction of a child.  

A variety of choices are presented in front of teenagers, it is based on the collective guidance of the parents and the school that the child makes a choice. That being said, not every experience the child partakes in should turn into a kitchen drama or reason of punishment. One can handle matters by using informative methods and introducing facts to the child; while also keeping an eye out for pattern and behaviors. At the best cbse schools in Bangalore teachers are trained to accept children for who they are, drive them to success and be available for them. Cbse admission 2021 of your child in the best cbse schools in Bangalore allows you to be an involved, educated, and stress-free parent. Learn more about NHG and grab that admission form right away to the best school in Bangalore