Sports It Up- Annual Sports Meet 2021-2022

Sports is one of the wonderful ways to instill these qualities among the young minds. The Annual Sports Day of New Horizon Gurukul, was celebrated on three days, the 10th, 11th and 14th of March 2022, for the primary, junior secondary and secondary sections respectively. The 10th March, Thursday dawned with the sports lovers and supporters of NHG family assembling on the Quadrangle of New Horizon Gurukul to inaugurate the Sports It Up-2021-2022. The events started with the little Gurukulites enthusiastically presenting their sportsmanship spirit on the ground and energetically participating in all the sports events scheduled for the day. The Gurukulites with the same zeal and vigour filled the Quadrangle with cheers for the next two days. The crowning glory of the whole meet was the Tug of War that showcased the bond and unity of the Gurukulites.

The closing ceremony included the announcement of the winners of the various events and the declaration of the best house. The celebration culminated in a solemn way with the Senior Co-ordinator declaring the Annual Sports Meet 2021-22 close.