Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrations-2021

New Horizon Gurukul welcomed the ‘come back’ of physical classrooms for children with a big bang – the Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrations. The school wore a festive look for Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrations. This sacred occasion saw the Values Plus team collaborate with the school team to organize various events with gusto for three continuous days.

The arena was beautifully decorated with backdrops, mango leaves and flower garlands. Lord Sri Krishna was worshiped with prodigious devotion and dedication through an elaborate Aarti by the entire school team that included the Principal, the Accounts Head, Co-ordinators, teachers and the students. It was an atmosphere of great piety and enthusiasm.

The students participated in cultural programmes which added dazzle to this celebration. The event started with the chanting of Bhagavad-gita Shlokas which was soothing to the heart and the soul, followed by devotional songs and dance performances. The Janmashtami celebration on the first day ended with the distribution of Maha Prasadam to all the participants.

Offering prayers through melodious Kirtans accompanied by musical instruments, understanding the importance of chanting the holy name of the Lord every day and chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra 108 times were the highlights of the celebrations on the second and the third day.

The occasion was also celebrated through the digital platform by offering a devotional rendition of Alaipayuthey and a dance performance by the students of the Grades 3 and 4. This opportunity was provided by the ISKCON temple Bangalore, and this program “Swagatam Krishna” can be viewed on the temple’s YouTube channel.

To conclude, this celebration was a perfect combination of devotion, entertainment and fun, leading everyone towards transcendence.