Take this quiz to find out if you are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert!


What makes you develop a certain personality? Have you always been shy, reserved/expressive, and sociable? Is there a difference in people who are extroverts or introverts and does that impact one’s life?

Well, for starters, there are three kinds of individuals

  • Introverts: more reserved and enjoy time they have by themselves
  • Ambiverts: an individual that balances between being an extrovert and an introvert
  • Extroverts: expressive, are energized when surrounded by people and socialize more

They are all different from one another but have nothing to do with how it impacts their life. This is a mere part of each person’s personality. In fact, many children who are initially introverts grow up to be extroverts and vice versa. Moreover, with the right company, in the right environment and familiar backgrounds an individual is bound to express themselves freely. Irrespective of personality traits, it is important that every individual has people that love and care for them whom they can talk to freely.

However, it is always a matter of speculation and of great interest to find out what kind of personality you have.

So here is a quiz that can help you decipher whether you are an introvert, ambivert or extrovert.

This is how it works: as you answer each situation or question make a note of the points that are mentioned beside your answer. At the end of the quiz calculate the total. Then, read the paragraph at the end of the quiz to find out whether you are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert!

When you spend time by yourself:

You love it (20)

It is good from time to time (15)

You get bored and want to go out or call friends (5)

You would rather:

Relax by the beach or in a secluded spot (20)

Go to the park (10)

Go to an amusement park (5)

You answer in class only when

The teacher calls upon you (20)

You are sure that you are right (15)

You will do it to just crack a couple jokes even (5)

You enjoy

Hilly terrains which require climbing (20)

Open lands (15)

Mystic hilly areas (5)

How do you deal with friends or acquaintances that are sad or angry?

You avoid it entirely (20)

You only do it if you truly have to (15)

Only if you think you can deal with it (5)

How often do you text/communicate with people you know?

You receive more than you would want (20)

It is an on and off thing (15)

Constantly on a daily basis (5)

Your friend circle is mostly:

Small number of friends and almost no acquaintances (20)

Many acquaintances but a small number of friends (15)

Many friends and many acquaintances that you become friends with (5)

You love it when you

Spend time alone (20)

Find a balance between alone time and socializing (15)

Spend time with people (5)

Have you counted your scores?

If you got anywhere between:

0-50 – Extrovert – you love to spend time meeting new people and spending time with your close ones. You love going out and having an enjoyable time while being surrounded by people.

50-110 – Ambivert – you like to balance out between socializing and spending time alone. As much as you would meet your friends you also want to come back and have some quiet time alone.

111-160 – Introvert – you like to spend time by yourself and people around you seem to sip away at your energy although you like to spend time with your closely knit circle.

However, we often see that there is a certain amount of pressure created on not only children but also adults to be more social. Children that enjoy spending their play hours alone are looked at differently and forced to interact more although it is entirely okay for the child to explore things by himself/herself. Not every individual is driven by the same force. Young adults in college or adults in the work force are also pressurized to mingle and are isolated sometimes from social groups if they choose to not do so. We must recognize that every personality has its pros and cons and every personality is just as admired. What makes you who you are lies within your heart!