The “Udaan” Entrepreneurship Program, conducted on August 17th and 18th, 2023, was a resounding success, fostering creativity and entrepreneurial spirit among students. The event took place on the grand stage set up in the school quadrangle and served as a testament to the remarkable ingenuity and inventiveness of young minds. This program sought to identify and reward the most promising inventions and business ideas conceived by students. It was a two- day event filled with presentations, panel discussions, and intense competition, culminating in the award of golden tickets to the top seven participants and groups.

After rigorous evaluation and deliberation, the panel of judges awarded golden tickets to the following seven students/teams who demonstrated exceptional creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial potential.

  1. Lakshya Balaji
  2. Dewanshi Agarwal
  3. Chetan Munipalle, Madhav, Sreenivasan
  4. T Sanjay, Kaushal Sambangi, B Adarsh, Abhiram
  5. Sarang Praveen, Vinayak Nag, Vihaan Goel
  6. Anay, Dhairya, Siddh, Sumed H
  7. Achyut

By awarding golden tickets to seven outstanding students, the program has taken a significant step in nurturing innovation and fostering entrepreneurship. We look forward to witnessing the growth and success of these talented individuals and their marvellous ideas, and the continued impact of Udaan in the years to come.