World Environment Day 2022

As the world joined hands to celebrate World Environment Day 2022, we at New Horizon Gurukul resonated with the fervor to create more awareness about Environment. A sustainable environment has immense contribution in our growth and development as a nation. Without collective efforts, we are bound to lag behind in our attempt to make our earth, our biosphere, a better place to live.

Students from junior secondary took the active lead to sensitize our young audience about various issues. Skit and song presentation on this year’s theme, Only One Earth struck the chords to leap into action and do our bit as individuals to save environment.Colourful dance presentation on water and soil pollution amplified the ongoing #SaveSoil campaign of the school. This was followed by a mini plantation drive by green ambassadors of high school. Various medicinal herbs were planted on the terrace garden and students presented the medicinal value of each plant. This activity brought students more closer to nature and appreciate the biodiversity.

Primary school children too actively participated in various classroom activities based on Go Green and 3R’s ( Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)

Creating awareness about various environmental issues will continue to be a constant pursuit of New Horizon Gurukul in the days to come. Let’s join hands to make our earth a better place to live!